The International CALIBER (Convention on Automation of Libraries in Education and Research Institutions) is the premier technical convention since last twelve years for both software and web internationalization specifically related to modernization of libraries of the academic and research communities of the country. Till 2002, the convention was being organized as a national convention, but last three years coverage of the convention has been changed and expended world widely keeping in view the problems being faced in implementing the new technology and the knowledge gap appeared within the professionals. The convention works as a unique forum for library and information professionals, knowledge managers, Information scientists, teachers, IT professionals, consultants, electronic publishers, e-commerce professionals and users of the library community for exchanging their ideas, knowledge and experience in day-to-day library practice.

New infrastructure and environment for digital information particularly pertaining to digital libraries created in combination of computing, communication and content through www on net. The convention will focus on solutions that address the localization and multilingual computing Ė the integration of standard text-based access across modalities (e.g. speech input and output) and across media types (e.g. text, video, sound) raises a set of specific technical challenges in multilingual information access through the network. 

Technologies built for the digital information management such as digital information processing, digital content management, digital world structuring, digital libraries, metadata, information management, and interoperability that satisfies these requirements. This conference will examine the requirements and explore recent advances in the state-of-the-art, as well as traditional best practices.

Convention Highlights 

Diverse topics and formats

The convention features tutorials, invited talks, and contributed papers that provide coverage of standards, best practices, and recent advances in the area of multilingual computing and digital information management.

Emphasis on current needs

Multilingual computing and localization of the library resources around the world and its management will be addressed in several sessions as well as in the invited talks from the professionals devoted to the concerned areas. 

Exhibitions showcase and commercial presentations

A forum that highlights the latest advances in language services, tools and technology in addition to management of the resources.

Who should attend ?

This is a user-focused event for the professionals responsible for purchasing, managing or developing international products or services, working in the area of multilingual computing, digital information management, digital libraries, networking, globalization, localization, development and deployment of technical solutions, globalization of software and Internet should attend this event. The convention will witness cross-disciplinary participation by library and information professionals, policy makers, managers, software engineers, systems analysts, font designers, graphic designers, content developers, web designers, web administrators, technical writers, information scientist, knowledge manager, web encoders, electronic publishers, content developers and product marketing personnel. Students of library, information and computer sciences may also attend the event. Ultimately all they are future of profession. 

What it's about ?  

Bringing the latest technological solutions and trends to the professionals managing localization and digital information in this new economy. In addition, bringing the new concept and idea for implementing the technology.
Itís not just about words anymore; itís about the technical solutions that will help you to take ahead with the global. As well, itís about the better platform for discussing the new idea and the problems of the community.